How do I set up the action camera and module on my drone?

Watch this set up video here. 

How do I set up an action camera to record HD footage?

While we were never a fan of the Mobius for daylight flying, it performs surprisingly well for IR night flying and at this point it is the recommended HD camera due to the ease with which the lens can be changed and its low profile form factor. We have also tested with Gopro’s and other HD action cameras but so far the results are not as good.

Once you have set up the module, you can test your action camera lens to ensure it does not have an IR block filter. To do this turn the lights off, turn on the module, press record on the action camera and then review the footage. If you are seeing black, your action camera has the IR block filter (most stock cameras we tested do have it). You can purchase suitable lens for the Mobius here or from your local stockist, and replace the current lens using this technique:

Mobius set up

1. Remove the memory card (this turns the Mobius in to a webcam) and plug it in to your computer to focus in HD (do this using the light of the IR module for better results).
2. Once you have changed the lens, make a lens hood out of heatshrink and shape it to fit the lens (like a lens hood on a DSLR) This helps hugely in minimising light bleed from the module, which can leave you with a completely white blown out recording.


3. Next, you need to update the firmware – we have been using v2.41 so the exposure lock function works (the exposure lock prevents the exposure in the camera from changing which results in dark recordings and/or flickering).
4. Use the GUI to set up the Mobius in the following way:
Mobius settings Mobius settings2
 5. Next, attach the Mobius and IR4+ to your model. Make sure the front of the Mobius lens is further forward than the front of the IR4+.
 6. Once you have completed all checks and are ready to fly, but before you power up the IR4+, press the power (bottom) button on the Mobius to turn it on. It will first flash blue, then show a constant orange light.
 7. For the exposure lock process, cover the lens completely (with an arm or lens cap) and press the middle button until the orange light goes out, then release the button. The orange light will come back on and the exposure lock is now set (this must be done before power up).
 8. Press the camera (top) button to begin recording. The orange light will start slow flashing.
 9. Power up your model and go flying.


If you are having issues with this process, email and we will endeavour to help.